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Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic Equipment


At Dorset Equine we have the best portable digital DR x-ray system available.  It allows us to take high quality x-rays which appear as digital images on the screen within 3 seconds, meaning radiography time is kept to a minimum and an immediate diagnosis can be given. 

Our x-ray system is fully mobile so can be used with ease at your yard or at our Whitcombe clinic.

If required, our digital system allows us to instantly send images to your farrier via email which proves invaluable in assisting with corrective farriery.  When a referral to an orthopaedic specialist is required it also enables us to send the across the relevant images prior to the horses arrival at their practice.


Ultrasound is very useful for imaging soft tissue structures such as tendons, ligaments, muscles and internal organs as well as being invaluable for reproductive work.  The most frequent areas that we use ultrasound are for scanning the ovaries and uterus of mares for breeding purposes and scanning legs for tendon injuries.


The fibre optic endoscope is used for examining the airways of the horse although it can also be used for examining either the bladder or the oesophagus.  Our endoscopy is completely mobile so we can carry out the endoscopy at your yard.

Shock Wave Therapy

We have a fully mobile Shock Wave Therapy Unit enabling us to treat horses at their own yards rather than at our clinic.  Shock Wave Therapy is becoming very popular in the equine world and is successfully used to treat a variety of conditions including soft tissue injuries, orthopaedic conditions and musculoskeletal disorders of the back.

Customer Comments:

My poor horse got beaten up by our other horse last night who drove him into a corrugated iron roof, leaving him with horrid bone deep wide facial lacerations. Graham from Dorset Equine dropped everything to get someone out to him immediately (after ringing around our usual two vets, neither of whom could come until later that day, if at all!) They have done a magnificent job and were fantastically sympathetic and kind. I can thoroughly recommend them as an establishment to have the number of in your mobile phone.

Sarah-Jane Morris, Sydling St Nicholas

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